Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I have questions concerning the “Talent Passport” (specific to my situation or to the eligibility criteria) and about living in France. Can you help me?

For general questions about administrative procedures, taxation, health insurance, and daily life in France, the "Welcome to France" website is here to help!

For questions specifically about your French Tech Visa fast-track procedure, contact the French Tech Team via this form.

What is the difference between the French Tech Visa and the French Tech Ticket?

The French Tech Visa is a fast-track procedure to receive a residence permit called the “Talent Passport.” This fast-track is available to startup founders, employees, and investors under certain conditions.

The French Tech Ticket is a program to help international startups launch in France. Winners of this contest receive funding, a year of incubation, mentoring, masterclasses, help with administrative procedures, etc. You can find more information about the program here.

I am an Algerian national and want to come to France to launch my startup or to join a French startup. Should I apply for the French Tech Visa?

Algerian nationals are ineligible for a “Talent Passport” and therefore for a French Tech Visa. There is a specific agreement between France and Algeria concerning living and working in France and a specific regime for Algerian citizens. You can find information about the specific procedure to obtain a 1-year or 10-year residence permit here.

French Tech Visa for Founders

My startup is already incubated in a French startup incubator, but my incubator is not listed as a French Tech Visa partner incubator. Can I still apply for the French Tech Visa?

Your startup must be accepted by a French Tech Visa partner incubator in order to be eligible for the French Tech Visa for Founders. 

However, the French Tech Visa is not the only way to obtain a “Talent Passport.” You can apply for one outside of the French Tech Visa. For more information, contact the “Welcome to France” team at Business France.

What does the requirement of financial resources at least equal to the French annual minimum wage, (€18,254.60 as of January 1, 2019) entail?

You need to be able to prove that you have the means to support yourself financially by showing documentation attesting to the fact that you have access to at least the equivalent of the yearly French minimum wage.

French Tech Visa for Employees

I would like to apply for the French Tech Visa for Employees, but I do not have a graduate degree (Masters, PhD, etc.). Can I still apply?

Yes ! As for March 1st 2019, the French Tech Visa for Employees is open to all degrees.

If I have a fixed-term contract ("CDD" in French) set for less than 4 years, will my residence permit still be valid for 4 years?

A "Passport Talent" obtained via the French Tech Visa for Employees procedure is valid for 4 years, regardless of the duration of the work contract.

Can I keep my resident's permit if I leave the startup that hired me?

After a full year of employment, you may change employers and keep the same resident’s permit (as long as you meet the same criteria in terms of salary and the work contract).

I am a founder/employee of a French startup looking to hire international talent. Can I recruit via the French Tech Visa?

The companies that are eligible to recruit via the French Tech Visa must be registered in France and present your SIRET number (a 14 digit number all French companies have) and Check one of the requirement sated on our French Tech For Employees page.

All applications must be completed online via our platform.