Partner Incubator: Le Tarmac

About Le Tarmac:

Tarmac is a technological incubator that facilitates business development of early-stage technological start-ups. Its ambition is to accelerate their time to market and to achieve their economic success, thanks to a global offer that associates all-inclusive business spaces with advanced services and support, a booster program to improve their marketing, financial, technological or management challenges, and easy access to business networks, higher education resources and innovation tools. A hundred events are organized each year to animate the community, develop links with other booster programs, and enhance local and international business connections. To succeed, Tarmac has developed a strong partnership strategy and cooperates weekly with all the value-chain actors and clusters that work together to develop innovative business creation.
From the beginning (4 years ago), 62 start-ups have been boosted by Tarmac, 220 jobs created, and more than 16 M€ raised with industrial partners and VCs.

Ecosystem: Grenoble
Creation: 2013

Startups incubated: 64

Currently incubated: 27

Maturity stage:
#Business Development


#Mobile/Web Healthcare