Find your future employer in France!

Who are the companies eligible to use this Visa for their employees?

To be eligible the company must:

(1)  Be registered in France and present your SIRET number (a 14 digit number all French companies have)

(2)  Check one of the following requirements

  • Has the “Young Innovative Enterprise (JEI)” status. (FYI this is a package of tax credits and social contribution exemptions we offer to our R&D-heavy startups)
  • Received specific state funding for innovation within the last 5 years
  • Backed by a French VC
  • Part of a cohort of a partner Accelerator/Incubator
  • Is part of the current cohort of Pass French Tech

There is no official list of the companies that received the certification. Please ask the startup you apply at if they fit the criteria or if they already are certified. The certification preocess is quite fast if they meet the requirements !